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Family law matters are rarely clear-cut issues. Whether you’re filing for divorce or beginning your child custody case. Feel secure about your legal matters by hiring Thomas Law Group, P.C. in Denver, Colorado.

Family law is sometimes referred to as matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations. It is a broad area of the law that deals with all family matters in domestic relations.

Below is a list of what generally falls under the scope of family law… it is not meant to be all-inclusive and depends of course on the jurisdiction.

Following are the subject areas that that commonly fall under the umbrella of family law:
- marriage,
- civil unions and domestic partnerships,
- entry into legally recognized spousal and domestic relationships,
- the termination of legally recognized family relationships and ancillary matters including divorce annulment,
- property settlements,
- alimony child custody and visitation,
- child support and alimony awards,
- adoption proceedings to adopt a child, and
- in some cases an adult surrogacy.

It may also include:
- the law and process of giving birth as a surrogate mother,
- child protective proceedings, and
- court proceedings that may result from state intervention in cases of child abuse and child neglect.

Juvenile law matters relating to minors include:
- status offenses delinquency emancipation, 
- juvenile adjudication paternity proceedings to establish and disestablish paternity, and
- the administration of paternity testing.

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The above is paraphrased taken from the Video: Family law | Wikipedia


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Family Law

Some divorces simply can’t be settled outside of court. You can count on our Denver Divorce Attorney at Thomas Law Group, P.C. to be by your side fighting for the best possible result in your case. Attorney Thomas has years of litigation experience, so he will never hesitate to go to court on your behalf.

Child Custody/Support

Going through a divorce is difficult, but it can be even more complicated when children are involved. Child Custody & Support Attorney Thomas of Thomas Law Group, P.C. will fight hard to get you the best possible result in your high-conflict child custody case.

Stepparent Kinship Adoption

Are you ready to assume legal custody of your stepchild? Give your stepchild the emotional and financial support they deserve by filing for adoption. Stepparent Adoption Attorney at Thomas Law Group, P.C. will be by your side as you go through this rewarding process.




Paternity Cases

Paternity cases are filed in order to establish the identity of the father of a child. In some instances the identity of the father may be suspected by the mother, but the father may not be sure that he is the father of the child. In those situations, either party may file an action in paternity to request genetic testing.

Grandparents Rights Cases
and Guardianship

Contact our experienced Denver, CO grandparent’s rights attorney at Thomas Law Group, P.C. who can expertly guide you to resolve your legal issues.  Grandparent rights cases may be brought by any grandparent or great grandparent may seek grandchild visitation.

Prenuptial Agreement

These agreements are based upon reasonable disclosure of income, assets and debts of each party. The accumulation of assets, classification of income, and gains on assets can be defined in these agreements in terms of what is marital versus separate property.




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It may be possible for you to reach a settlement in your divorce without taking the case to court. If this is your desire, Denver Divorce Attorney Thomas is here to help.

Denver Divorce Attorney Thomas will employ a number of strategies to get the best possible outcome for you. Get in touch with Denver Divorce Attorney to finalize your divorce so you can begin the next chapter in your life.


Denver Divorce Attorney at Thomas Law Group, P.C. is happy in assisting with drafting and preparing all necessary documents regarding prenups and postnups. Our Divorce Attorney will help determine how the couple will divide their assets should the marriage ever come to an end. Give Denver Divorce Attorney a Call today for more information!

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Child Custody

Here at Thomas Law Group, we know that your children’s well-being is your first priority. Child Custody & Support Attorney Thomas will work hard to create a child-focused outcome that will benefit your kids. Call office of Child Custody & Support Attorney Thomas at 303-293-1941 to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

We’ll determine what’s best for the kids by consulting with other experts in the field. You can trust Child Custody & Support Attorney at Thomas Law Group to work out the details for the following circumstances:

  • Holidays
  • Child support
  • Decision making
  • Expenses of children
  • Claiming children on taxes

Stepparent Kinship Adoption
In order for you to gain custody of your stepchild, we’ll have to prove that the biological mother or father has had no relationship with the child for at least a year or that they haven’t been paying child support for at least a year. Stepparent Adoption Attorney Thomas can gather the proper legal documents to get the best possible result in your case.

Stepparent Adoption Attorney Thomas will work through the courts to help you become the legal guardian of the child while terminating the rights of the biological parent. You’ll need to provide a background check and other paperwork to show that you’re able to provide a healthy environment and mentorship for the child.

Stepparent Adoption Attorney Thomas can gather the proper legal documents to get the best possible result in your case.
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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are often used by one or both parties when they have significant assets or expect to receive significant assets. Prenuptial Agreements allow for the protection of assets by planning for the division of such assets in the event of divorce. By contracting the division of assets that would be addressed by a divorce court, the parties remove the uncertainty about the resolution of financial issues in a divorce by a judge. These agreements are designed to save the marital estate from being dwindled by the expenses of divorce litigation and manage divorce issues in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. Drafting of these agreements requires skill in creating an agreement which can survive challenges based upon claims of unconscionably. Postnuptial Agreements can also be drafted for the same purposes as Prenuptial Agreements, but they are prepared after parties are married. Please Contact our Denver Law Firm to discuss the preparation of Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements with an attorney who has experience preparing many of these agreements.

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Sergei Thomas
The Premier Family Attorney in Denver, CO

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Sergei B. Thomas started Thomas Law Group P.C. in 2016 after having worked at the Johnson Marquez Legal Group in 2014 as a senior associate. He began his legal career in 1990 as a criminal prosecutor. The prosecutorial work provided valuable court experience where Mr. Thomas tried cases to judges and juries for approximately 16 years. Mr. Thomas was known as a skilled litigator who would take on difficult cases and enjoyed success as a result of his comfort in the courtroom. While practicing as a prosecutor Mr. Thomas tried a variety of cases, including traffic, domestic violence, drug and assault and homicide cases. After being assigned to the juvenile unit that Mr. Thomas began to find a greater sense of purpose in addressing juvenile crime which often had roots in the family system and gained insight into the role of social services in the related dependency and neglect cases.

In cases involving children, Mr. Thomas is keenly aware of the factors that allow a court to make decisions in the best interest of children and has achieved success in helping clients address resolve parenting time and grandparent visitation issues.

Mr. Thomas is a Colorado native, and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and then attended law school at the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas where he participated in the Student Law Clinic working on civil and family law cases. Mr. Thomas is a Member of the Colorado, Sam Carey and Adams County Bar Associations. Mr. Thomas believes it is important to give back to the community and has done so consistently throughout his legal career.

Mr. Thomas understands that in divorce or parenting time disputes, clients are often fearful and upset about their circumstances. More importantly the future is uncertain with the issues that accompany many family law cases. Asset and debt division and issues regarding children are often overwhelming for clients and often leave clients feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. In high conflict cases or cases which have significant assets, these issues can become even more troubling for clients. Mr. Thomas personally understands the frustration an attorney failing to communicate or pursue a client’s interest with determination and effort, having been through the process personally. Mr. Thomas compassionately helps clients through this difficult phase of their lives works vigorously to help clients effectively reach positive outcomes.

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