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Our Denver, CO family law attorney assists with stepparent adoption

Are you ready to assume legal custody of your stepchild? Give your stepchild the emotional and financial support they deserve by filing for adoption. Thomas Law Group, PC will be by your side as you go through this rewarding process.

In order for you to gain custody of your stepchild, we’ll have to prove that the biological mother or father has had no relationship with the child for at least a year or that they haven’t been paying child support for at least a year. Attorney Thomas can gather the proper legal documents to get the best possible result in your case.

Rely on a trusted Denver, CO family law attorney

Attorney Thomas will work through the courts to help you become the legal guardian of the child while terminating the rights of the biological parent. You’ll need to provide a background check and other paperwork to show that you’re able to provide a healthy environment and mentorship for the child.

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